Origin & Species of Berium Timber

Our main specialty is in the global supply of sawn (solid) industrial and structural timber both for softwood and hardwoods. Our main sources include species from:

  • Africa – Ghana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of CongoSpecies: Doussie, Padouk, Acajou, Tiama, Dabema, Iroko, Sapelli, Moabi, Sipo, Afromosia, Frake
  • Far East– Indonesia, Malaysia, MyanmarSpecies: Meranti, Burmese Teak, Balau
  • Europe – Denmark, France, GermanSpecies: Pine, Beech, white oak, spruce
  • Oceania– New Zealand, Papua New GuineaSpecies: Tawa, Maple, Rimu, Walnut, Cherry, Jarrah, Saligna, Purpleheart, Vitex, Kwila, Malas

We do not supply timber recognized as endangered species, as per the IUCN Red list.Our unique value proposition enables Berium Group to provide varied products consistently over long term periods. Production and processing of all our products is managed professionally, from sawing to kiln drying, moulding, up to finishing, all being supervised carefully.

The products offered by our company are all sourced from managed forests with the requisite certifications .We provide our products with necessary documents according to domestic and international rules.
We are guided by Sustainable and Responsible Timber Policy. A copy of this policy can be obtained via email requisition. Please send email to info@beriumgroup.com