Timber Shipment

To ensure that timber reaches our clients promptly and as economically efficient as possible, we use two flexible means of delivery: container shipment and break-bulk shipment.

Break-bulk Shipment

Break-bulk is suitable and most economical for green sawn timber. Timber is numerically coded, packaged and shipped as under-deck cargo.We have the right capacity to deliver regular bulk cargos of green sawn timber from varied tropical sources. This assures clients of reliable product availability and flexible quality.

Containers Shipment

Shipment by containers is the most adaptable, versatile and readily available method. Because of higher cubic capacity and economy, 40 ft containers are the most preferable for kiln dried variety. Volumes of timber stuffed in 40ft container ranges from 40m3 to 45m3 for kiln dried type. Gross weights are over 30 MT and depend on nature of the timber. In case containers are used to ship green sawn timber, the volume would range from 32m3 to 36m3 per 40 ft container.

With strong financial base, integrated logistical competencies and a wide sourcing market from over 20 different countries across the tropical region, we currently have annual capabilities to supply across the world in excess of 3,804,000 m3. From full vessel charters of over 40,000 DWT to individual TEU’s, we ensure that unique client needs for timber are met effectively.

Due to significant population and fast growing living standards in Asia, demand for timber products is on steady growth and Berium is in the best position to help clients with optimum supply of premium quality timber products. Our prime focus is on meeting the demand in China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore among others.

Berium Group seeks to establish long-term solid relationships with qualified entities that are seasoned in the marketplace and operate within a professional framework with integrity.