Assets & Infrastructure

Underpinning our business development and long term growth is a proactive fiscal approach; to expand at a reasonable rate, not for the sake of expansion in itself, but because it is economically wise to do so.

Berium Group focuses on safeguarding and optimization of strategic access to key logistics assets which are an integral part of facilitating its commodity trade flows.

Berium Group is primarily focused on global trading and supply of raw, intermediate and finished commodities by managing end-to-end supply chain throughout origination, financing, risk management support, commercialization, marketing, shipping and logistics up to delivery. To generate value in its supply chain, Berium Group engages in strategic partnerships and agreements that give it reliable, long term, ready access to unique infrastructure and requisite logistics assets without fully owning the assets. Resources are focused on one critical thing: to maximize the highest efficiency required to move commodities to the market; cost effectively.

As part of the long term strategy for Berium Group, we remain committed to elevating our position as a top tier global trader through acquisition, development, operation and expansion of advanced channels for bringing essential commodities to the market. These include: mining and exploration, industrial processing, bulk (dry and liquid) commodities terminals and storage, pipeline throughput, trans-loading, transshipment and multi modal transportation for petroleum oil products and natural gas, agricultural products, metals, chemicals and timber/lumber.

Ready access to extensive assets and infrastructure combined with integrated global logistics enables Berium Group to optimize these assets for the benefit of our partners and clients. We assure consistent supply of commodities; reliably and competitively.