Pricing Approach

Fixed Price –

Under our fixed price schedule, Berium Group agrees to supply and deliver products to upstream, midstream, downstream or other third party partners, to a specific location, based on a fixed price. The price is fixed for the specific sales/purchases for one month to multiple-year terms. This is meant to allow our customers capitalize on seasonal market price swings while providing price certainty during unexpected market swings. The price for the products is calculated in U.S. dollars,and quantities can be in metric, cubic meters or Imperial units determined when the transaction is executed.

Index Price–

Berium Group agrees to supply commodities to customers, to a specific location. The price is based on the relevant industry price-index that varies monthly or daily, allowing full market participation. The price for the commodities is calculated in U.S. dollars, and quantities can be in metric or Imperial units determined when the transaction is executed.

Spot Price –

For spot contract transactions, Berium Group can execute business undertaking with esteemed counterparties such as producers, utilities, pipelines, generators and industrial end users or other third parties using industry standard contract language and any of the pricing structures mentioned above.