To continually remain competitive in the midst of global commodity trading dynamics, research is at the heart of our strategy to excel in the marketplace. We constantly undertake critical research to garner and expand in depth global commodity market intelligence. We rely on impeccable market insights developed on global scale and diversity.

Berium Group research desk provides this independent commodity research across the entire commodities spectrum for internal usage in our different commodity divisions. Our highly experienced analysts are an important resource to achieve this important milestone.

Our independence enables us to continually collect, collate and analyze wide array of intricate data and transmute this raw data into concise tools necessary to make informed decisions with regards to strategic sourcing, competitive pricing, shipping, logistics and effective modes of delivery of commodities globally. We have critical market fundamentals necessary to support our partners in their business goals.

As part of our value added offering, we may selectively extend specific commodity research service to customers on need-to-need basis. In such cases, we will always ensure that the report(s) we deliver are as objective and as timely as possible.

Whenever necessary, we may further contract third party entities for short to mid term or even long term external analysis that relates to improving our business in the global commodity trading and supply industry.