Risk Management

Risk management is integral to Berium Group’s long term business development and sustainable growth strategy. We manage risk in a holistic manner throughout the core of our business processes and corporate governance procedures.

We have implemented robust risk management strategies and intelligent mechanisms that deliver most comprehensive and deep functionality in our end-to-end commodity supply chain.

At Berium Group, all business opportunities we engage in are evaluated and considered from a risk-adjusted perspective. These supplementary efforts enable us to eliminate or significantly mitigate risk across all our operations and safeguard our position in the marketplace as a trader and supplier of choice for our partners and clients from all over the world.

Berium Group Risk Management Practices

Purchases, sales or delivery contracts for all the physical commodities traded by Berium Group are secured by first-rated global insurance companies covering entire transition of the commodities by water, road or air.

Both interest rates and foreign exchange risks are mitigated and managed through multi-dimensional derivative instruments including Vanilla, Quasi-vanilla and Exotic derivatives.

Trading Risk Management-

Berium Group has employed advanced system which delivers complete control over trading operations, enabling each of our traders to optimize position management and leverage real-time information to take advantage of market movements.