Counterparty Risk Management – CRM

Our CRM system measures, manages, and mitigates the risk arising from counterparty default. Our CRM technological platform addresses the entire credit risk process and provides a full range of credit analysis and operational tools in the key areas of exposure, collateral, and counterparty management.

Berium Group uses safe and most the rigorous procedures to make our trading negotiations successful and profitable. We mainly apply standardized rules such as Incoterm 2010 Delivery rules, UCP 600 Banking Rules and URC 522 Collection Rules among others.

As part of our counterparty risk management, we work with select suppliers and clients who meet the highest standards and operate within professional framework. Before we offer or accept orders, we undertake proper due diligence. Our time and resources are all focused on pre-qualified counterparties.

We assiduously protect the interests of our suppliers, clients, investors, financial partners and all our stakeholders from any kind of potential defaulting, fraudulent transactions or other kinds of counterparty risks. We implement thorough regulations that aid in total deterrence of misconduct and any form of corrupt activities from all our counterparties.