Price Risk Management- PRM

Commodity prices are inherently volatile, making business planning a complicated exercise due to diverse variables that influence price variations. Price risk management is functionally integrated at the core of Berium Group business operations involved in global sourcing, trading and supply of energy commodities, metals and minerals, chemicals, agricultural products amongst other bulk raw materials and finished commodities.

Our deep domain in mitigating price risk provides sophisticated analytical tools for performing portfolio stress testing, sensitivity analyses, and what-if analyses. We analyze real-time position and exposure — at market, volumetric, credit and delivery levels for smarter risk decisions.

Berium Group implements vigorous hedging programs in volatile market environments by employing a range of derivative instruments that can greatly help to manage exposure to physical market price fluctuations. We hedge price exposure using exchange traded contracts and over-the-counter (OTC) derivative instruments including swaps, forwards, futures and options. Some of these international exchanges include: New York Mercantile Exchange, London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, London Metals Exchange and the Intercontinental Exchange among others

Excellence in Price Risk Management enables Berium Group to optimize value along the supply chain and offer our partners and clients intelligent solutions that their businesses can fully depend upon.