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Berium Group Commodities Supply

Berium Group’s fully controlled and specially dedicated shipping and logistics business division offers maximum flexibility and complements our capacities for managing complex logistical operations involved in moving bulk commodities to the global market.

Our unique logistical suitability enhance rapid response while exploiting in depth understanding of key supply chain variables; professionally managing inherent risks that may alter changes in a shipment’s position. This guarantees all our partners and clients across the world Accelerated Supply Chain Velocity!

While there are a myriad of key requirements that must be filled before commodities are exported from the source country, even more daunting can be the specific requirements that must be met before a foreign (destination) country will allow the commodities to enter their country. We navigate these requirements and regulations on a global scale, procuring and competitively getting your products supplied to you efficiently from our widely diverse source markets across six continents.

With chartering capacity for bulk dry and wet carriers ranging fromHandysize (10,000 – 30,000 DWT), Handymax/Supramax (up to 60,000 DWT), Panamax (65,000 DWT), Aframax (80,000 – 199,999 DWT) to capesize (VLCC, ULCC, VLOC and ULOC) with 180,000 -320,000 DWT and more, we can deliver bulk cargos competitively all over the world.

We adhere to strict compliance measures integrated in Berium Group’s Risk and Compliance Policy.