Transforming Trade Across Africa

Middlemen,brokers,agents… they have different titles on them but they all play a very important role in facilitating trade by ensuring producers have their products reaching the final consumer. They reach out to producers,advise them on how to manage their produce,how to package their products.Some even provide the amenities required to produce better yields such as fertilizers that ultimately improves the quality of the produce.

The trade agents’ role cannot be disregarded as to the impact they have on various parties within the supply chain. For instance, the drought infested countries/regions across various continents at times get food aid from the World Health Organization(WHO). The availability and readiness of this kind of aid is mostly facilitated by the commodity trading companies. A good example would be Berium Group Ltd, a key player in the supply of commodities within the continent. They deal with a variety of commodities but their main focus overtime has been the agricultural commodities,with sugar being at the forefront. They source their commodities from different parts of the world and ensure the produce is delivered to the client in a timely manner. Their efforts have seen various countries getting food supply in time that has aided them from succumbing to further food disasters.

Berium Group seems not to be the only players across the globe, the likes of Cargill , Vitol and Gunvor Group have been in the industry for sometime with each of them playing a significant role in different sectors of the global economy. With time, countries and individuals have come to appreciate the role being played by the trading companies. As more nations continue getting into mutual billatteral agreements, more trade is taking place with lots of benefits to every party involved.

However, it’s never a smooth sailing for some of these companies. Trading bodies formed prohibiting trading activities from certain regions blocks them entirely from any trading activity. In as much as the demand might be high,they are left with no option but to look for alternatives to do business. At times, they are forced to deliver to war prone regions with no guarantee that the products will reach the intended client. In most cases its usually by sheer luck,but in other instances they never reach the intended clients. Its a risky affair to some business as some are forced to ignore such clients out of choice.

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