Who We Are

Berium Group Ltd is incorporated and duly registered in the Republic of Cyprus under the Companies Law, Cap. 113 Section 15(1). Berium Group Ltd is the holding company for a network of international subsidiaries across the world. The distinctive objective of Berium Group in the marketplace is to provide a strategic platform for reliably securing long term, stable sources for bulk raw materials, semi-processed and refined commodities and having them delivered effectively to clients worldwide.

What We Do

Commodity Trading & Supply

Berium Group is a globally diversified physical commodities trading and supply company. We provide significant commodities that keep the world’s wheels of industry turning; machineries running and people’s lives thriving. In doing this, we efficiently move bulk raw materials and finished products from where they are produced in abundance or stored to areas across the world where they are demanded most.

Our Scope

The company operates its business literally on the world stage, for example, negotiating with partners and clients in the Far East and Oceania in the morning; those in the Middle East and Africa in the afternoon and those in America in the evening.