Corporate Structure & Governance

Our success is driven by the strong Corporate Structure & governance and the commitment of our people to get results the right way through execution excellence, innovation, technology and the enterprising research which is useful in capturing potent opportunities available in the marketplace for the benefit of our clients, partners and all stakeholders. 

Berium Group is a diverse creative team of people who are passionate and dedicated to the delivery of practical and efficient solutions to the benefit of its partners and clients. We continuously invest in building an adaptive, innovation-friendly corporate structure; establishing an inspiring culture and empowering our staff. Our people are a great asset to the success of our business.

Berium Group maintains a clear chain of command to facilitate a greater level of communication and effective decision-making. This ensures that the group acts in the most decisive manner possible to optimize advantages and benefits of interest to our partners and clients.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for establishment and continuous assessment of the overall direction, policy and strategy of the Group. Berium Group’s executive management works in close coordination and comprises a part of the company’s private shareholder base.

In order to ensure fulfillment of its core mandate for corporate governance and oversight responsibility, the Board of Directors of Berium Group has constituted two main internal committees which report directly to it concerning strategic policies. Each Board Committee has clear terms of reference which are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors to ensure their relevance. The committees are properly empowered by the Board to carry out their respective duties.